sábado, 16 de marzo de 2013

#Anonymous Message to Ireland & #039;s Government

Anonymous Press Release of March 16 2013.
Anonymous has been watching the travesties heaped upon the citizens of Ireland by corrupt banks which are fueled by equally corrupt government officials. We are NOT amused...
We are NOT amused that thousands of families in Ireland are losing their homes due to greedy banks foreclosing on their homes . We disagree that money should replace decency. We have a PROBLEM with children and families being let out into the streets in the name of profit.
Anonymous has been watching these sad events unfold in Ireland 
too long now...
So , in order to protest this greed and sickness , we are COMING for YOU. The Anonymous hive has been angered by the Irish banks and the corrupt politicians that allow them to rape our prosperity and take our homes! We have been angered. Now, we will retaliate once again , to take back our beloved land and our homes from those that try to steal it from us. 
We are Anonymous, We do not FORGIVE , We Do not FORGET.

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